Spokane Hoopfest 2012

First let me say thank you to all of the folks on that gave me feedback on facebook to help me find teams to cover at Hoopfest 2012 in Spokane Washington.  I wish I could have made it to every game but the enormity of the event, the large number of requests and the slow moving crowded sidewalks make that impossible for one person to do.  I was able to have every half hour game slot filled from 8:00-12:00 and was able to fins a good number of games to cover in the second round.

Here are a few photos from each team I was able to cover during Saturday’s basketball action, for the entire gallery of photos from Hoopfest and to order prints visit my website at this link: http://bit.ly/MqGUP9

8:00 AM – EMADS from Sandpoint (Brett Hutchens, Paul Sundquist, Kyle Perry, Colton Engel)

8:30 AM Mark Dog from Newport (Koa Pancho, Blake Haney, Rylan Hastings, Kade Zorica)

9:00 AM Hotshooters from Priest River (Tyler Douglas, Jaden Barrett, Tory Peterson, Kevin Wylie)

9:30 AM & 5:30 PM Dunamis from Sandpoint (Joel Aispuro, Stefan Buratto, Blake Mahler, Russell Warner)

10:00 AM SAW from Sandpoint (Matthew Timothy, Tyler Harris, Troy Mitton, Gabriel Lutz)

10:00 AM GTFO from Priest River (Reuben Akre, Dalton Sommer, Cole Stelow, Cameron Riley)

10:30 AM featured a match up between two Priest River Teams

Goon Dockers (Dakota Adamson, Jeremy MacDonald, Colt Ward, Miles Jahnsen)

Jett (Eric Mortensen, Thomas White, Thomas Reynolds, Jeff Duley)

11:00 Sandpoint Bulldogs from Sandpoint (Jeremiah Gagnon, Joab Logan, Nate Lunde, Matthew Burgstahler)

11:30 PR Ballers from Priest River (Colton Nunley, Ashton Brooks, Marcus Mathews, Benson Huntley)

1:00 PM So Squad from Rathdrum (Josie Coder, Randy McCabe, Matthew Horne, Scott Simpson)

2:00 Fast and Furious from Priest River (Kelsey Bradbury, Melissa Trost, Taryn Eldore, Steffie Pavey)

3:00 COMEATMEBRA from Priest River ( Angel Clark, Lily Luckey, Elisa Johnson, Destiny Day)

3:30 PM Huddleston from Priest River (Andrew Huddleston, Dylan Kurylo, Austin Glazier, Jimmy Koch)

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