Winter Senior Portraits with Taylor Ann

This winter in North Idaho ended up being a total flop when it came to doing winter senior portraits..  We had a little bit of snow early but then, in the heart of the winter when it was time to actually start doing some sessions with my senior models there was not even snow to be found on Schweitzer Mountain Resort.  I even ended up traveling to Glacier National Park at one point to see if I could find any good winter conditions there, I was able to find a bit of snow up high, but there was still a lot less than I would have expected.

Thankfully there was a day when we got a surprise snow storm so I contacted Taylor Ann, my Class of 2016 Senior model from Newport and she just happened to not be in school that day.  I quickly gathered up some gear and headed out to meet up with her.  Of course the weather was par for the course and as soon as we met up it had warmed up and started raining in town.  Since we we were together and had the time we thought we would see if we could find any snow at a higher elevation and the search paid off.  We found just enough snow to grab a few fun shots and call it a day.  We had nice overcast conditions, falling snow and some nice white snow on the ground so for this shoot we worked completely with natural light.

Winter Senior Portraits 014 20150202 Winter Senior Portraits 015 Winter Senior Portraits 016 Winter Senior Portraits 017 Winter Senior Portraits 018

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