Marissa’s Sneak Peek (Sandpoint Photographer)

This last week I have been blessed with photo shoots at some beautiful locations containing fields of tall wheat stalks that were just begging to make their way into the photographs.  For this shoot with Marissa we not only had great wheat fields but some of them were filled with daisies which of course begged just as much, if not more, than the wheat stalks!   I only have a handful of photos edited from our session, but since Marissa is getting a little anxious I better give her a sneak peek, here you go!

Willie and Amanda’s Engagement

A few days ago I embarked on a mission to the beautiful home of Amanda to take some photos of her and her fiance Willie. The location was beautiful, a great spot for some fun engagement photos.  The only downside . . . the mosquitoes! I am thankful for bug spray and I am thankful for the bug zapper tool, called the clone tool and the healing brush, because I ended up having to zap hundred’s of these little buggers in Photoshop.  Enough about annoying insects and on to some photos!

2011 Newport Rodeo (Newport Washington Photographer)

After a long day of shooting at the 2011 Hoopfest (click here for those photos) my assistant Shea and I stopped at Moon’s Mongolian Grill.  Our goal was twofold.  First we needed to get some nourishment.  Second, I needed to download my memory card and get some photos sent off to the Coeur d’Alene press for Sunday’s paper.

As we were having dinner I received a call from Nick, the Sports Editor of the Priest River Times.  Nick was in Spokane as a competitor in Hoopfest and was going to make the drive back home to get some photos of the Newport Rodeo, unless of course I was willing to stop by and get some shots.  After discussing it with Shea (who I found out is a huge rodeo fan) we decided that we were going to the Rodeo!

I captured photos while the light was good enough to get sharp photos,  then after it was too dark to get a decent photo I took the opportunity to capture some video clips. The following are some of my favorite shots of the evening along with a video fusing together some of the photos and video clips.  Below the video there is a link to the entire gallery where you can view all the photos and order prints.

Now for a video, this video is available in full HD so if you have a fast enough internet connection I recommend setting the quality to 720 HD and watching it full screen.

If you would like to see the entire photo gallery it can be viewed here.

Hoopfest 2011 (Spokane Photographer)

This last weekend I attended and photographed my first Hoopfest. Thank you to everyone that helped me figure out the teams that would be there, I wish I could have gotten photos of every one of them, but unfortunately that was physically impossible!  This blog post features a few of my favorite photos from the day as well as a video at the bottom of the post. Look for the link to the entire gallery below the video.

Check out the video.  If you have a fast internet connection you can watch it full screen in full HD!


To see the rest of the photos and to order your own prints or digital downloads visit the gallery here

Demers Family (Sandpoint Photographer)

This last weekend the Dave and Cindy celebrated as their son Eric got married.  Just days before the event I had the opportunity to take their last set of family photos before Eric set of on the adventure of starting his own family.  I am blessed to have had the opportunity to capture this moment in time for such a great and beautiful family!

Joel and Moriah’s Engagement #2

A number of weeks ago I published some photos of Joel and Moriah’s first engagement shoot,(if you missed that one you can see that post here).  One of the locations that this couple really wanted to get some photos taken was down by the beach, but due to the rain we had to reschedule that part of our shoot.  Thankfully we were able to get some acceptable weather on a day that did not conflict with our schedules.  Here are some of the photos from our second round of engagement photos.