09/29/2012 – Sandpoint Junior Tackle (Team and Action Photos)

For the past few years I have been very blessed to be able to work with the Sandpoint Junior Tackle organization providing their team photos.   I was excited for this year’s team photos because in the off season I have upgraded to some much more powerful flashes than the speed lights I have used in previous years.  The new lights worked great and gave me more creative options to work with.  Not only is our lighting better this year but I also redesigned all of the templates that we used for the final prints.  Here are a few samples of the final images.

P.S. you will see the initials “E.M.A.D. on some of these templates, if you are not familiar with that it stands for “Every Man A Dog” Sandpoint Football’s motto.  In between taking the different team’s photos I was able to shoot some action photos.  For more photos from the games and to order prints you can visit the gallery on my website at these links:

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Paul’s Senior Photos (Rathdrum Photographer)

Paul is a senior soccer player from Lakeland High School, we captured some fun images at a number of different locations in Rathdrum and then finished up our time at the High School to take some sports themed photos.

This next photo is one of my favorites from the entire senior photo season, we set up this shot to look like it was taken after dark and then I turned the stadium lights on in Photoshop.

09/25/2012 – Couer d’Alene at Sandpoint

For this match between Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene I wanted to see if I could get good shots using a 400mm lens, it is an older model and weights half a ton so it is not very agile.  Volleyball is one of the hardest sports to photograph and with the long zoom of a 400mm on my cropped sensor 7D made this a crazy thought but nonetheless I was able to capture a few good shots with that lens, I am sure they were more about luck than skill!

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The images above were shot using my 70-200, below you will find a couple I shot with the 400,  you will see one benefit of this zoom is that the net is rendered very out of focus so I was actually able to shoot through the net and get a usable shot, I would have preferred to not have another athlete’s head in the foreground on this first one however!

09/21/2012 – Highland at Coeur d’Alene (JV & Varsity)

This year for homecoming the  Coeur d’Alene Vikings hosted the Rams of Highland High School in Pocatello.   Both teams came into the game highly ranked in the Idaho standings with Coeur d’Alene ranked #2 and the Highland at #3.  For more on this game check out Ryan Collingwood’s article on VarsityCDA.com..  Here are some photos from both of the games as well as the half time festivities.  For more photos and to order prints visit my website at one of the following links:

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09/22/2012 – Coeur d’Alene at Lakeland (JV and Varsity)

I showed up at Lakeland High School expecting to shoot one game, the varsity game against Coeur d’Alene, but I was glad to find out that following the varsity game the JV squads would be facing off so I was able to capture some images from that game as well.  For more photos and to order prints from this game and the entire 2012 soccer season visit my website these links:

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09/15/2012 – 2012 Idaho Football Classic

The 2012 Idaho Football Classic hosted some great area teams against some strong competition from Washington and California.  The first game pitted the Clarkston Bantams against te Huskies of Sutter Union High School.  Game 2 featured the Bengals of Lewiston against Sequoia High School out of Redwood City, California.  In the third game the Lake City Timberwolves took on the Bearcast of W.F. West High School out of Chehalis Washington.  The final game of the night brought together the top rated team in Idaho in the Coeur d’Alene vikings who were looking to expand their 24 game winning streak to 25 and the top rated team in Washington, the Spartans of Skyline High School led by USC bound quarterback Max Browne.  Here are some photos from this great day of football, for more photos from these game and to order prints visit my website at the following links.

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09/14/2012 Cheney at Lakeland

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09/10/2012 Newport at Priest River (JV)

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Michael’s Senior Photos (Sandpoint Photographer)

Michael has quite the smile and he used it liberally during our senior session!  Here are some of the finished images from our session!

09/08/2012 – Mercer Island at Coeur d’Alene (JV and Varsity Football)

On Saturday the Coeur d’Alene Viking JV and Varsity football teams played the Mercer Island Islanders from the Seattle area.  I was very excited for these games, partly because I knew there would be some great action but mostly because I would be able to enjoy the rare treat of shooting a Varsity Football game during daylight hours!  The lights that they use at Viking Stadium for night games are probably the best and brightest in North Idaho, but they cannot compete with daylight!  Below you will find some shots from each game as well as links to the full galleries where you can view all the photos from each game and order your own prints or digital files!

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Halftime featured a performance by the Viking Dance Team as well as some Junior Tackle action on the field.

To finish up check out this sequence, it took a awesome effort for the Islanders Matt Orehek to pull down this catch in the middle of great coverage by Coeur d’Alene’s  Jackson Carslon (7) and Hayden Sharp (23).

You can also read about the game in Ryan Collingwood’s Monday Morning Notebook on  VarsityCDA.com