Sandpoint vs. St. Maries 01/12/2012

Due to a few different circumstances I did not get all the shots that I would have liked to at these two basketball games.  I had an appointment that kept me from the first half of the JV game and then due to a medical condition by one of the folks from St. Maries I was not able to use my flashes for the Varsity game.  The quality is so much better when I can use my two Paul C. Buff Einstein lights, but every so often I have to return to bumping up the ISO to 6400 and grabbing some shots with the little bit of light that the school gym offers.  Here are a couple shots from each game as well as links to the entire gallery of photos.

Junior Varsity

Collin Jurenka, Sandpoint

Luke Feasline, St. Maries

For all the photos from this game visit this link:


Ryan Kennelly, St. Maries

Adam Couch, Sandpoint

For all the photos from this game visit this link: http:

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