2012 IML Boys District Tournament (Game 4)

The fourth game of the Intermountain League Boys Basketball Tournament matched Timberlake with Bonners Ferry.  Timberlake came out ahead in this contest and earned the right to play for the IML’s  second seed to the Idaho State Tournament on Friday.

Oops, a little spill . . .actually a pretty big spill of about 5 gallons of ice water came down around the Bonners Ferry guitar players feet.

Garrett Skeen, Bonners Ferry

Brian Cronnelly, Timberlake

Bradley Clausen, Bonners Ferry

Mason Cramer, Timberlake & Evan Moe, Bonners Ferry

Alex Awbrey, Bonners Ferry

John Hayden, Timberlake

Trevor Masterson, Timberlake

Jon Thompson, Timberlake

For the entire gallery of photos from this game and to order prints please visit my website at this link: http://bit.ly/ytGpvV


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