10/21/2013 Sports Photography Recap

A sports photography recap of events covered by Jason Duchow Photography in the past week.  Click the header for each game for a link to view the full gallery and order prints.

 10/15/2013 Soccer: Freeman at Newport

20131015-IMG_0983 20131015-IMG_1159 20131015-IMG_1324 20131015-IMG_1426

10/15/2013 Volleyball: Lakeland at Sandpoint

20131015-IMG_1843 20131015-IMG_1970 20131015-IMG_2273 20131015-IMG_2521 20131015-IMG_2564 20131015-IMG_2673

10/16/2013 Soccer: Moscow at Sandpoint

I.E.L. Championship Game

20131016-20131016-IMG_6840 20131016-20131016-IMG_7031 20131016-IMG_7124

10/17/2013 Soccer: Moscow at Sandpoint

I.E.L. Championship Game

20131017-IMG_0050 20131017-IMG_7298 20131017-IMG_7668 20131017-IMG_8159 20131017-IMG_8791 20131017-IMG_9519 20131017-IMG_9784

10/17/2013 Volleyball: Coeur d’Alene at Sandpoint

20131017-IMG_0212 20131017-IMG_0281 20131017-IMG_0580 20131017-IMG_0726

10/18/2013 Fooball: Timberlake at Lakeland

20131018-IMG_1439 20131018-IMG_1499 20131018-IMG_1564 20131018-IMG_1718 20131018-IMG_1852 20131018-IMG_2263 20131018-IMG_4037


Jason Duchow Photography is located in Oldtown, Idaho and does on location portraiture throughout Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington.   Jason specializes in environmental portrait photography often with the use of  dramatic lighting techniques and is also known for his freelance sports photography work for www.idahosports.com, The Coeur d’Alene Press, The Bonner County Daily Bee, Priest River Times, Newport Miner, Sandpoint Living Local and a handful of other newspapers and publications.