World Wide Photo Walk (Round 1)

Today was so much fun!  My friend Shea and I joined attended the World Wide Photo Walk in Coeur d’Alene today and we had a great time!  The photo walk was held in over 1,100 cities around the world and had over 33,000 people registered to participate.  The idea is to get together with a group of people and walk around, take photos for a couple of hours and then hang out for a while and talk photography.  Today I took photos of many different things, but my favorite thing to photograph was people.  I enjoyed meeting a number of folks in my walk and many of them agreed to let me take their photos, if you are one of those folks thanks again I appreciate it and had a wonderful time capturing a little bit of your world today!  For tonight I am going to post my favorite people photos from the day.

I know that Dog’s are not people, but here is bonus photo go add to the mix.

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  1. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    Great pics!! I really like the one fishing & the gentleman on the bench. Classy! And as far as I’m concerned…dogs ARE people too!

    Kudos on your round so far!

    • jason
      jason says:

      Thanks, I really like those ones too. The fisherman was the first thing I saw when we started the walk, I took so long taking shots of him that I never did catch back up with the rest of the group. The man in the chair was a very kind man and he was genuinely glad that I asked him to take his photo, had to stick around and chat with him a bit and once again, further from the group but he was such a pleasure to talk to!

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