2013 Moose Madness

Last night it was time once again for the annual Moose Madness spirit games between Sandpoint High School and Bonners Ferry High School.  This event features a variety of different competitions and one of the few things that is taken into consideration for the winning school is the score of the two basketball games that serve as the backdrop of the games.  After the scores of the dance team, cheer leading  fan spirit, stop and moose call competitions were tallied it was Bonners Ferry that was able to hold up the moose antlers in victory.  To view all the photos from this event visit my website at this link: http://bit.ly/W6cOko.

Moose Madness 20130111-IMG_9964 Bonners Ferry Photographer 20130111-IMG_9819 Sandpoint Photographer 20130111-IMG_9797-2 Sandpoint Photographer 20130111-IMG_9787-2 Sandpoint Photographer 20130111-IMG_9781-2 Moose Madness 20130111-IMG_9985 Moose Madness 20130111-IMG_9984 Sandpoint Photographer 20130111-IMG_9537-2 Moose Madness 20130111-IMG_9573-2

Bonners Ferry Photographer 20130111-IMG_0208 Sandpoint Photographer 20130111-IMG_9618 Sandpoint Photographer 20130111-IMG_9710-2 Bonners Ferry Photographer 20130111-IMG_9720 Sandpoint Photographer 20130111-IMG_9751 Sandpoint Photographer 20130111-IMG_9753 20130111-IMG_9510-2 Moose Madness 20130111-IMG_9378 Moose Madness 20130111-IMG_0548 Moose Madness 20130111-IMG_0512 20130111-IMG_0441 Sandpoint Photographer 20130111-IMG_0377 Bonners Ferry Photographer 20130111-IMG_0247 Sandpoint Photographer 20130111-IMG_0034 20130111-IMG_0070 Bonners Ferry Photographer 20130111-IMG_0184

Jason Duchow Photography is located near Priest River and Sandpoint Idaho and serves throughout Idaho and Eastern Washington.   Jason specializes in on location portrait photography and often employs the the use of dramatic lighting techniques to create his distinctive style.   Jason also does freelance work providing top quality sports photography for www.idahosports.com, The Coeur d’Alene Press, The Bonner County Daily Bee, Priest River Times, Newport Miner, Sandpoint Newsline and a handful of other newspapers and publications.