2012 Idaho State Boys Basketball Tournament (Day 3)

On the third day of the 2012 Idaho State Boys Basketball Tournament coverage for IdahoSports.com  I covered the 1AD2 3rd place game and consolation championship at Caldwell High School.  Here are some photos from each game.

Consolation Championship – Salmon River (62) vs. Sho-Ban (51)

Talen Samora, Sho-Ban

Leighton VanderEsch, Salmon River

Leonard Edmo, Sho-Ban & Ethan Couie, Salmon River

Charlie Shepherd, Salmon River

3rd Place Game – Castleford (39) vs. Dietrich (40)


Cody Hansen, Castleford

Vance Perron, Dietrich

Gray Weber, Dietrich

Mitch Howard, Castleford

For more photos from these games and the entire State Tournament visit my website at this link: http://bit.ly/zZ5kWk