09/25/2012 – Couer d’Alene at Sandpoint

For this match between Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene I wanted to see if I could get good shots using a 400mm lens, it is an older model and weights half a ton so it is not very agile.  Volleyball is one of the hardest sports to photograph and with the long zoom of a 400mm on my cropped sensor 7D made this a crazy thought but nonetheless I was able to capture a few good shots with that lens, I am sure they were more about luck than skill!

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The images above were shot using my 70-200, below you will find a couple I shot with the 400,  you will see one benefit of this zoom is that the net is rendered very out of focus so I was actually able to shoot through the net and get a usable shot, I would have preferred to not have another athlete’s head in the foreground on this first one however!