Brenton Brown at Mountain Springs Church (Bonners Ferry Photographer)

This last Sunday Mountain Springs Church ( in Bonners Ferry celebrated their second birthday.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to be there to capture some images while Christian recording artist Brenton Brown ( led the Sunday night worship service.  Here are a handful, actually more like two handfuls, of images from the evening.

Weekly Sports Recap (8/22/2011)

This week the Fall High School sports season officially began.  On the schedule this last week were two varsity soccer games and a football jamboree.

Varsity Girls Soccer – Sandpoint vs. Post Falls

Kicking off the week was the season opener for Sandpoint and Post Falls Varsity Girls Soccer.  Post falls jumped out to an early 2-0 lead with goals by Kilie Ellison and Jessica Waller but Sandpoint fought back and won the game 2-3 with goals by Meghan Pagano, Emma Weme and Ellie Engel.   Here are a few photos, the complete photo gallery can be found at this link:

Boys Varsity Soccer – Sandpoint vs. Coeur d’Alene

The Sandpoint Bulldogs and Coeur d’Alene Vikings kicked off their season with a 2-2 tie.  Scoring for the Bulldogs was Aaron Crossingham and Raleigh Hanson, both of the Vikings goals were scored by Adam Borshiem.  The full gallery can be found here:

Timberlake Football Jamboree

Finishing out the week was the football Jamboree at Timberlake High School.  In attendance was Timberlake, Lakeland, Bonners Ferry and Lake City.  The complete photo gallery can be found here:

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Michael Franti Concert – 2011 Festival at Sandpoint

Tonight, after shooting a surprise wedding vow renewal, I was able to make it to the Festival at Sandpoint’s Michael Franti concert to see if I could get some shots to submit to the Daily Bee.  Everyone was having a great time and I certainly enjoyed the show the best way I know how, up close with my 70-200 lens!  Here are a few of my favorites from tonight’s concert.

The Dilts Family (Sandpoint Photographer)

By the looks of the forecast and the rain clouds in the sky I thought for sure that I would have to postpone my photo shoot with this family, but I was wrong.  The oldest of the three boys would soon be heading off to the Army and the almost impossible task of getting the whole family in one place at the same time had been accomplished, so come rain of shine this photo shoot was on.  We did have to make some adjustments due to the rain but we found a place under a large tree to get a few group shots and then the rain let up just long enough for us to venture out from under the tree’s protection for a few more shots.

If you are trapped under a tree for your family photos, why not take advantage and “Family Tree” photo!

Of course the rain clouds did make for an interesting and dramatic sky, which we took advantage of!

George’s Senior Photos (Sneak Peek)

I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with George on Schweitzer mountain where we went to take his Senior Photos.  I have been trying to get the editing finished, but one thing after another has come up and kept me away from the computer, so to hold George over for a little while longer here is a sneak peek of a couple of the photos I have finished.

Jessica’s Senior Photos

I recently had the opportunity to work with Jessica on her Senior Photos.  She picked out some very fun locations and I had so much fun working with her that I almost wanted to cry when our time was up.  We had a great time and think we ended up with some really nice shots!  Here are Jessica’s favorites:

After our shoot my assistant Shea decided he wanted to take a dip, so Shea and Jessica traded roles for a couple of minutes!

Drew’s Senior Photos

I had a great time recently working with Drew on his Senior Photos.  We had a great location for the photos, I would not have minded a few more clouds in the sky, but other than that we could not have asked for a better day for a photo shoot!

Sneak Peek – Jessica’s Senior Photos

Here is a little teaser of the photos I am working on from yesterday’s Senior Photo session with Jessica.

2011-2012 Sports Season

I know it feels like summer has barely started, but July is almost over and August is right around the corner.  That means that the fall high school sports season is not far away!  I recently downloaded fall season calendars for a number of the North Idaho teams and am beginning to formulate my plans for what games and teams I am going to be shooting this season.   I shoot freelance for a number of Northern Idaho papers as well as for, but as a freelancer I usually get to decide what games I am going to be covering.

Over the last year I have received quite a few requests from parents and athletes to come and photograph different games and teams and have tried to accommodate those requests as much as possible.  With many athletes and teams requesting photography I thought that I might publish a few tips.  So, how do you increase the odds of having Jason Duchow Photography show up to photograph your games?  I have two easy to remember tips.

1. Bribe me!  Yes, I can be bought!  Food is often tempting, but for those of you that recognize me you know I don’t need any more goodies!   Feel  free, however,  to offer me large sums of money!

2.  Buy prints or downloads!  This works kind of like the bribe, except it requires only small sums of money and you get high quality prints and high resolution digital files to keep forever!

One more bonus tip. Grab last year’s prints before the new school year starts.  Last year’s sports seasons will soon be completely lost in the dust of the new school year, cruise on over and get your prints from the 2010-2011 seasons before that happens!  Here is a link!

Here is to a great 2011-2012 sports season, I am looking forward to seeing some great action this year through one eye pressed hard against my viewfinder!

W.N.R.S.: Wednesday Night Ride 07/20/2011

Yesterday afternoon I was able to make it to another of All About Adventure’s 2011 Wednesday Night Ride Series races at Farragut State Park.  This time around my Assistant, affectionately known as my “voice activated light stand” was not able to make the trip.  Thankfully my trusty boom stand was able to make it along for the day, with the help of a bungee cord and a couple of helpful trees I was able to get a decent lighting set up.  Of course, being a little less mobile meant fewer shots than the last ride, but I got a some keepers anyway.  Here are some shots from the ride and the after ride festivities.  A link to the full gallery can be found at the bottom of the post.

The food was provided by 24 Hour For Hank, a non-profit organization seeking to raise money to combat a rare genetic disease called Cystinosis.  For more information about their organization and upcoming fund raising events check out their website at:

To view all of the photos from the ride and to order your own copies visit my website here.