Senior Portraits with Cody

Cody was one of my Class of 2016 Senior Models from Sandpoint High School, she is an extremely talented softball player.  One of the things that always stood out to me was Cody’s dimples, but as we started working together I realized she does not have dimples . . . . she has a single dimple on her right cheek.  We worked together on three different occasions, first we had a studio session which was followed a couple of days later by a fun road trip session.  We worked together a third time when I needed to test out some equipment that I received from Interfit Photoraphic, those photos will be posted on the blog later.  To start out, here are a few from our studio session.

studio senior portrait Softball studio senior portrait Softball studio senior portrait

To start off our outdoor session we were at the Sandpoint High School Softball Field.

Softball senior portrait softball senior portrait

After the softball field we loaded up in the car and took a road trip to Montana.  The final destination was the Ross Creek Cedars and along the way we kept our eye out for some interesting spots.  We found a great spot along side the highway with a nice patch of lupines.

senior portrait among the lupins

A little further down the road we found a great spot along side the river.  There was a thunderstorm moving in quickly so we hustled to get the light set up and it was certainly worth it, the look of the rain falling in the distance made one of my favorite landscape portraits of the 2015 portrait season.

senior portrait with dramatic clouds and rain in the distance

The rain came down very hard, but thankfully it did not last long.  We continued down the road and endured some light sprinkles to get some photos at this location.

road trip senior portrait in Montana

When we got to the Ross Creek Cedars it had started to rain again.  We covered my strobe with some plastic to protect it from the water and thankfully the thick trees helped with the light rainfall.  With the overcast conditions the area was fairly dark but we were still able to manage to get a handful of good shots.

Senior Portrait taken at Ross Creek Cedars  Portrait taken at Ross Creek Cedars  Portrait taken at Ross Creek Cedars

As we left the Cedars the combination of the sun peeking through the overcast sky and some low level clouds in the distance made for a very cool scene.  The only angle we could get at it included a guard rail along the road, but we made use of it and captured the scene.

 Portrait taken near Ross Creek Cedars Portrait taken near Ross Creek Cedars

We debated about where to go to try to capture the sunset, in the end we decided to back track the same way we came and as luck would have it the best spot we found was the same spot on the Clark Fork River that we had been when we had the thunderstorm roll in.

Sunset Senior Portrait taken along the Clark Fork River in Montana

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