2013 Chafe 150

This last weekend I covered the 2013 Chafe 150 for the third year in a row.  This annual race starts in Sandpoint, Idaho and follows a route through Bonners Ferry, then over to Troy, Montana and then back to Sandpoint through Clark Fork and Hope.  It offers both a 150 mile race from Sandpoint and an 80 mile race starting in Troy and both races end in Sandpoint.

In previous years the race has been in early June when the weather can be unpredictable, my first year it was hot and beautiful then last year it was pouring down rain for almost the entire course.  This year the event has been moved to July when the weather is much most consistent, it was definitely a hot one but that sure beats the constant rain we had last year.

Through out the course we found locations to set up at least one and often two different cameras to capture video.  Usually we would have one camera set up to get a wide angle view and another set up with a long zoom lens.  Then of course I took almost 5,000 still images of the event which I culled down to just over 600 for the final gallery.  You can visit the final gallery here to view all of the published photos as well as order prints or digital copies.  Below you will find a handful of still images followed by a seven minute video featuring both still images and video footage.

sunrise Sandpoint city beach

Usually the only time I see sunrise is before going to bed after a long night of editing, not on the day of the Chafe though!

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How about a little plug for one of the race sponsor, Greasy Fingers Bike Shop!

2013 Chafe 150

Here is the video, you can also view it on YouTube in full 1080 HD here

2012 W.N.R.S #1

Last night the 2012 Wednesday Nigh Ride Series began out at Farragut State Park.  As usual All About Adventures put on a great ride and I was glad to be there to capture some of the riders in action.  A link to the entire gallery of photos can be found at the bottom of this blog post.

I used a three speedlight setup for almost all of the action shots, I started out with all three set up in the same spot, here are some shots from that setup.

Then I decided to change things up a bit.  I kept one speedlight on a light stand for a front fill light and then used some Impact Superclamps to attach the other two speedlights to some tree branches and pointed them at the back and side of the riders to give a more dramatic light setup.  I missed a few riders as I changed my setup but I think it was worth it as I really liked the results.  Here is the setup:

The rim lights are easy to spot here, the fill light is on the right side on a light stand.

Now for the results, after a few adjustments I was able to get the look I was going for, a dramatic rim light on both sides of the rider to separate them from the background mixed with a nice amount of directional fill light.

The evening finished off with a barbeque put on by the Pend Orielle Peddlers and there were a lot of items given away in the raffle, as you can see below Ken from All About Adventures had a great time giving away a bunch of fun stuff!

The entire gallery of photos from this ride can be found on my website at this link: http://bit.ly/PTc7wB