2011 Newport Rodeo (Newport Washington Photographer)

After a long day of shooting at the 2011 Hoopfest (click here for those photos) my assistant Shea and I stopped at Moon’s Mongolian Grill.  Our goal was twofold.  First we needed to get some nourishment.  Second, I needed to download my memory card and get some photos sent off to the Coeur d’Alene press for Sunday’s paper.

As we were having dinner I received a call from Nick, the Sports Editor of the Priest River Times.  Nick was in Spokane as a competitor in Hoopfest and was going to make the drive back home to get some photos of the Newport Rodeo, unless of course I was willing to stop by and get some shots.  After discussing it with Shea (who I found out is a huge rodeo fan) we decided that we were going to the Rodeo!

I captured photos while the light was good enough to get sharp photos,  then after it was too dark to get a decent photo I took the opportunity to capture some video clips. The following are some of my favorite shots of the evening along with a video fusing together some of the photos and video clips.  Below the video there is a link to the entire gallery where you can view all the photos and order prints.

Now for a video, this video is available in full HD so if you have a fast enough internet connection I recommend setting the quality to 720 HD and watching it full screen.

If you would like to see the entire photo gallery it can be viewed here.