Jeremy’s Senior Photos (Priest River Photographer)

I have a lot of fun working with Jeremy on his Senior photos, we had a beautiful Mercury Cougar to use for the photos and then took an ATV ride to a location overlooking the the Pend Orielle River.

Megan’s Senior Photos – (Sandpoint Photographer)

Recently I worked with Megan to create her Senior Portraits, we started at her home and them took a trip to Garfield Bay to finish up our session.

In Megan’s back yard stands the playhouse that was build by her father when she was little, unfortunately it was used very little ever since the discovery of a spider inside many years ago.  We braved the risk of spiders and I set up a flash inside the small building as well as one outside aimed through the window.  Since the building as well as it’s furnishings were now very small compared to the now adult sized Megan I kept thinking of Alice in Wonderland growing too large for the house she found herself in.  The cards hanging on the wall, minus the Queen of Hearts, seemed quite fitting!



KCC Class of 2012 (Sandpoint Photographer)

The class of 2012 from my church, Kootenai Community Church, will be having a special graduation ceremony in June and they needed a photo of the group for the invitations.  Being spring in North Idaho scheduling a photo shoot with just one person can be hard, add in the often conflicting schedules of 5 busy seniors and you can imagine how hard it might be.  We ended up rescheduling our shoot due to weather or illness at least half a dozen times, but then by what some people would call luck and others providence we had a short break in the rain on a Sunday afternoon and we were able to finally get our photographs.  Here are a few from the afternoon.

Ginger Knits Fiber Studio (Sandpoint Photographer)

Ginger Knits Fiber Studio is working toward launching their website and today I had an opportunity to work with some adorable models as we did a few product shots.  If these don’t put a smile on your face I think you should seriously think about talking to a medical professional!

Ginger Knits Purple Alpaca Cowl

Ginger Knits Aviator Hat

Ginger Knits Pirate Beard

Ginger Knits Sock Monkey Slippers

Brayden’s Senior Photo (Sandpoint Photographer)

The Sandpoint High School deadline for Senior Photos is only a couple of days away so this week has had it’s share of last minute senior sessions.  Today I went out with Brayden, our goal was to get one particular shot today for the yearbook and then we will do a full blown senior session a bit later in the year.  This one shot needed to incorporate much about Brayden, his cymbals, his didgeridoo and if you know Brayden you know the hat had to be in there somewhere!  We found a great spot, asked the owner if we could borrow their front yard for a quick photos shoot and then we worked the shot until we had it just right.  It was not as easy as you would think, that pesky sun was very bright but with the help of Brayden’s grandmother doing some “Subtractive lighting” for me and a couple of flashes at full power we were able to get the right exposure.   Alright, enough words about the shot, here it is  . . .

W.N.R.S.: Wednesday Night Ride 07/20/2011

Yesterday afternoon I was able to make it to another of All About Adventure’s 2011 Wednesday Night Ride Series races at Farragut State Park.  This time around my Assistant, affectionately known as my “voice activated light stand” was not able to make the trip.  Thankfully my trusty boom stand was able to make it along for the day, with the help of a bungee cord and a couple of helpful trees I was able to get a decent lighting set up.  Of course, being a little less mobile meant fewer shots than the last ride, but I got a some keepers anyway.  Here are some shots from the ride and the after ride festivities.  A link to the full gallery can be found at the bottom of the post.

The food was provided by 24 Hour For Hank, a non-profit organization seeking to raise money to combat a rare genetic disease called Cystinosis.  For more information about their organization and upcoming fund raising events check out their website at:

To view all of the photos from the ride and to order your own copies visit my website here.

W.N.R.S.: Wednesday Night Ride Series (Sandpoint Photographer)

Yesterday afternoon I made my way to Farragut State Park to photograph the opening night of the Wednesday Night Ride Series put on by All About Adventures and Selkirk Powder Company.  Here are a few shots from the event as well as a video.  Below the video you can find a link to the entire gallery where you can see all the photos and order prints.

Now for the Video . . . by the way the video is 720HD so if you have a fast enough internet connection feel free to change the settings to 720 and watch it full screen!

Check out the full gallery and order prints here

Marissa and Rhaelyn (Sandpoint Photographer)

A few days ago Marissa joked with me that the wait to see her photos was giving her an anxiety attack, a little sneak peek helped hold her over for a little while.  Now finally her wait is over, the editing is finished and the completed photos will upload tonight!  Here are a few more photos to hold her over until the morning.  You will see that she is not alone, we were also joined by her niece for a few photos as well.  If you want to see some more photos from this shoot see this link.

One more for fun.  Marissa has an interest in photography and she volunteered to help me out whenever my assistant Shea is not available.  So, I figured it would be good to give her a little job interview right on the spot.  Here is her resume, what do you think should I give her the job?

Demers Family (Sandpoint Photographer)

This last weekend the Dave and Cindy celebrated as their son Eric got married.  Just days before the event I had the opportunity to take their last set of family photos before Eric set of on the adventure of starting his own family.  I am blessed to have had the opportunity to capture this moment in time for such a great and beautiful family!

“Just a Dream” Sneak Peek (Sandpoint Photographer)

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing “Just a Dream” put on by the Sandpoint High School Dance Team.  The State Champion SHS Dance team was joined by three of the High School dance classes, the Sandpoint Middle School Dance team, Heather’s School of Dance and Allegro Dance Studio.  They put on a great show for the standing room only audience.  I am still working finishing up the editing on the photos, but I thought that many of you may like to have a little sneak peek of what is to come.  Here are a some photos from the event.