10/11/2012 IEL Soccer Playoffs – Moscow at Sandpoint

After defeating Lakeland in the first round Moscow made the trip to take on first seed Sandpoint at War Memorial Field where they accomplished the rare feat of keeping keeping the bulldogs out of the state tournament.

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10/09/2012 Lakeland Senior Night vs. Sandpoint

Here are a handful of shots from Lakeland’s senior night against Sandpoint.  For more photos from this game and to order prints visit one of these links.

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10/08/2012 IEL Soccer Playoffs – Moscow at Sandpoint

The first round of the Inland Empire League boys soccer playoffs featured the Moscow Bears visiting the Sandpoint Bulldogs.  Sandpoint was victorious in this first round and moves on to the championship game against Lakeland.  More photos can be viewed and prints can be ordered from my website at the following links.

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10/02/2012 – Moscow at Sandpoint

Moscow made the trip north to take on Sandpoint in a game that would have an impact upon home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs, Sandpoint came out on top so it will be Moscow riding the bus in the next meeting.

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09/04/2012 – Newport at Sandpoint

The Sandpoint Varsity Girls Soccer team hosted the Grizzlies of Newport yesterday afternoon.  It was a hard fought game on both sides with Sandpoint coming out ahead 3-1.  Here are some photos from the game, please check out the links on this page for full galleries and to order prints.

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Jim’s Senior Photos (Priest River Photographer)

The first time I photographed Jim was at a basketball game in Coeur d’Alene back in 2010.  The defending state champion Priest River Spartans looking for strong competition were playing the Coeur d’Alene Vikings and during a stop in play I was taking photos of the Priest River fans from across the gym.  One of the fans noticed I was taking photos, stood up and pointed at me, I took this photo.

The reason I remember this is the fact that it started something that continued through the rest of the season, at every game I would look for Jim and he would look for me so we could get yet another photo of him doing the “The Point”.  We tried to mix it up every now and then and get a variety of “Point” shots.

Now a couple of years later I have had the privilege of taking Jim’s senior photos as well as some photos with his sisters, yes we had to sneak in a pointing shot.

Alright, enough pointing fingers let’s get on with some senior photos!

Right around sunset we were at a perfect spot and the sky was amazing.  The next shots were all taken at the same spot only minutes apart, we simply turned different directions and were able to get very different looks.


Andrew B.’s Senior Photos (Coeur d’Alene Photographer)

Andrew’s main request for his senior photos was that he wanted to have photos with his car in an alley setting, we set up a variety of shots in a great alley in Coeur d’Alene for him and then wrapped things up down by the lake.

Drew’s Senior Photos (Sandpoint Photographer)

Here are some of the final images from my senior photos shoot with Drew in Sandpoint.


08/28/2012 – Post Falls at Sandpoint

A few photos from the varsity girls soccer game between the Post Falls Trojans and the Sandpoint Bulldogs on 08/28/2012.  For more photos from this game and to order prints please visit my website at one of the following links.

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James’s Senior Photos (Sandpoint & Coeur d’Alene Photographer)

James, a Senior at Lake City High School in Coeur d’Alene recently joined up with me for his senior photos.  He was particularly interested in some of the dramatic lighting that I do and I was more than happy to oblige.  We started out making sure that we had a good selection of photos that pass the strict standards that Lake City has for their yearbook submissions and then using as many as 5 different lights we worked on some dramatically lit portraits of James in his full football uniform.