Mark’s Senior Photos (Priest River Photographer)

Mark was not super excited about getting his photo taken, but I think in the end he could say he had a lot more fun than he anticipated!


Sammy’s Senior Photos (Priest River Photographer)

When Sammy and I got together to do her senior photos I ended up taking 2-3 times as many photos as I usually do.  Not because I was having a hard time getting good shots but because she was so much fun and she was constantly making the goofiest facial expressions which I eagerly wanted to capture!

 We will get to the goofy faces, but let’s start with intensely serious . . . .

We had a spectacular sky and sunset for the conclusion of our session, check it out!

Alright, now on to a little bit of goofing around.

Lastly, a photo of someone other than Sammy.  As I was taking her photo a tourist from Canada saw us working and he wanted a piece of the photographic action, he pulled out his camera and took a few shots himself.  I was also quick on the draw and snagged this shot of him before he continued his journey back north.



Tim & Todd’s Senior Photos (Sandpoint Photographer)

I have known Todd since he was a freshman when I was his Shot Put and Discus coach, due to the increasing demands of business I am no longer his coach but I still get to see both him and his brother Tim often through my camera viewfinder.  In the fall they played next to each other on the offensive line for Sandpoint and in the spring Tim spends his time on the baseball diamond and Todd will be back to throwing heavy objects as far as he can!


Cowell Family (Bonners Ferry Photographer)

A while back I held a contest on my facebook page and wen the winners were drawn the cowell family was selected and chose to use their winnings for a family portrait session.  I have to say this was about the easiest group of 9 kids and 2 adults I have had the pleasure to work with!

Play Time! 

After the portraits were done we set up a couple of lights in a shaded area and just let the kids play, it did not take too long to fill up a card with fun, unplanned shots.  Here are some of the family’s favorites from play time!

Family Portraits At Talus Rock

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing a very fun family at beautiful Talus Rock in Sandpoint.  Check out some of the photos below and if you want more information about Talus Rock you can visit their website here:

10/04/2012 Riverside at Newport

Here are a few shots from the Riverside vs Newport Girls soccer game on October 4th.  For more photos from this game and to order prints visit one of the following links to my website.

Full Gallery Links:   This Game   /   All 2012 Soccer Galleries

09/29/2012 – Sandpoint Junior Tackle (Team and Action Photos)

For the past few years I have been very blessed to be able to work with the Sandpoint Junior Tackle organization providing their team photos.   I was excited for this year’s team photos because in the off season I have upgraded to some much more powerful flashes than the speed lights I have used in previous years.  The new lights worked great and gave me more creative options to work with.  Not only is our lighting better this year but I also redesigned all of the templates that we used for the final prints.  Here are a few samples of the final images.

P.S. you will see the initials “E.M.A.D. on some of these templates, if you are not familiar with that it stands for “Every Man A Dog” Sandpoint Football’s motto.  In between taking the different team’s photos I was able to shoot some action photos.  For more photos from the games and to order prints you can visit the gallery on my website at these links:

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Paul’s Senior Photos (Rathdrum Photographer)

Paul is a senior soccer player from Lakeland High School, we captured some fun images at a number of different locations in Rathdrum and then finished up our time at the High School to take some sports themed photos.

This next photo is one of my favorites from the entire senior photo season, we set up this shot to look like it was taken after dark and then I turned the stadium lights on in Photoshop.

09/10/2012 Newport at Priest River (JV)

The full gallery from this game and the entire 2012 football season can be found at my website at these links:  This Game   /   Entire 2012 Season


Michael’s Senior Photos (Sandpoint Photographer)

Michael has quite the smile and he used it liberally during our senior session!  Here are some of the finished images from our session!