Sammy’s Senior Photos (Priest River Photographer)

When Sammy and I got together to do her senior photos I ended up taking 2-3 times as many photos as I usually do.  Not because I was having a hard time getting good shots but because she was so much fun and she was constantly making the goofiest facial expressions which I eagerly wanted to capture!

 We will get to the goofy faces, but let’s start with intensely serious . . . .

We had a spectacular sky and sunset for the conclusion of our session, check it out!

Alright, now on to a little bit of goofing around.

Lastly, a photo of someone other than Sammy.  As I was taking her photo a tourist from Canada saw us working and he wanted a piece of the photographic action, he pulled out his camera and took a few shots himself.  I was also quick on the draw and snagged this shot of him before he continued his journey back north.



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