2013 Prairie Pig

For the first time I had the pleasure of covering the spirit games between Lakeland high School and Post Falls High School called The Prairie Pig.  After all the events of the evening it was the Lakeland Hawks that took home the final prize.  For more photos from the event and the entire 2012-2013 basketball season you can visit my website at this link: http://bit.ly/WN7ZeL

Post Falls Photograper 20130126-VID_6508 Rathdrum Photographer 20130126-VID_0123 Rathdrum Photographer 20130126-VID_0090 Rathdrum Photographer 20130126-VID_0056 20130126-VID_9860 2013 Prairie Pig 20130126-VID_8723 Post Falls Photograper 20130126-VID_9029 Rathdrum Photographer 20130126-VID_9047 2013 Prairie Pig 20130126-VID_9329 2013 Prairie Pig 20130126-VID_9390 20130126-VID_9455 2013 Prairie Pig 20130126-VID_9538 2013 Prairie Pig 20130126-VID_8715 Rathdrum Photographer 20130126-VID_8449 20130126-VID_8420 20130126-VID_8266 20130126-VID_8133 Post Falls Photograper 20130126-VID_7780 20130126-VID_7674 Post Falls Photograper 20130126-VID_7238 20130126-VID_6996

20130126-VID_0440 20130126-VID_0463


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